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Jerry Alfonso Miles, Esq., Our moderator, is the Managing Principal of Deale Services, LLC, Attorneys-At-Law; a government contracts, corporate law firm. Mr. Miles is highly experienced with both staff attorney experience domestically and abroad for a large government contractor that substantially supported the nation and the U.S. warfighter in relation to wartime, emergency and disaster relief requirements in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan. Further, Mr. Miles also has extensive experience in relation to assisting government contractors with emergency and disaster relief considerations in relation to Hurricane Katrina and subsequent natural disasters that have impacted the nation domestically. Mr. Miles is honored to be of support service to government contractors and grantees who are assisting the federal and other government entities in protecting the United States against the impact of the coronavirus.

Warren Othello Edwards is the Founder and President of The McPherson Square Business Council, a business social networking organization established to assist business clients – within the Washington Metropolitan area – and transitioning into The Set Aside Network- a  501 © 6 Organization (in progress) focused on assisting Set Aside Companies (ie; 8(a), HUB Zone, Service Disabled Owned and Woman Owned business) to win Federal Government Contracts through training and effective networking skills.  He has over 23 years of experience in business-to-business communications and networking.

Warren was born and raised in Richmond, VA. He moved to the Washington, DC area over 17 years ago where he eventually landed a position working for Chevy Chase Bank as a Business-oriented manager.  Mr. Edwards noticed his main customer base consisted of Federal Government Contractors.  These were the clients who were truly responsible for driving his success in banking. 

In 2006, Warren started the McPherson Square Business Council (his bank branch was located in McPherson Square) in an effort to support his Small Business / Federal Government customer base.  One purpose of this organization was to host monthly Teaming and Networking events as a platform to encourage these business owners to work together in order to win Federal contracts.  He further strengthened his reach into this vital market by developing strong relationships with Federal Procurement Professionals like Ms. Gloria Parker (Former CIO of HUD and later Education) and Ms. Tracey Pinson (Former OSDBU, Department of Army).  These powerful Federal Procurement Champions (as well as many others) consistently spoke at and participated in Warren’s networking events.  They were vital in assisting Mr. Edwards in Bridging the Gap between the Government and Small Business.

Kim Harwell is a consummate entrepreneur. He maintains more than thirty years of business and technological expertise in the government, telecommunications, and marketing fields. Kim has founded and led organizations that have generated an aggregate of several billions of dollars in revenue. Kim regularly writes articles for United States Cyber Security Magazine, and has written articles for numerous other publications. Also, Kim has written numerous E-Books on government contracting and is in the process of writing his new book, “The Blueprint to Government Contracting”. Kim Harwell is a highly sought after speaker, trainer, sales coach and expert in the areas of sales, business, government relations, and technological advances.

Kim is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of National Bid Network (NBN) and its subsidiary GovPurchase. NBN’s mission is to provide user friendly research tools, business training, consulting services, and B2B business development tools for commercial businesses, government contractors, and government officials, in a profitable manner, at an affordable price. The results will be to save billions of tax dollars for the American people, provide more opportunity for small business, which in turn, will create more jobs, and boost the US economy. One of the primary ways we achieve this is by owning and providing the most comprehensive government contracting online data tool. GovPurchase is the largest databases on government contracting (www.govpurchase.com).

In 2014, National Bid Network was nominated for the Maryland Business of the Year, by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and the Maryland Office of Military Affairs. Also in 2014, GovPurchase was a finalist for DC business of the year and Kim was a finalist for DC Businessman of the Year as nominated by the DC Chamber of Commerce.

Kim has one son, Kim, a graduate of Northwestern University and Detroit Country Day. Kim was also a four-year starting wide receiver at Northwestern, and had some professional football experience.


Robert Katz, a global cyber-innovator, business-builder, and real rocket-scientist,pioneered many of the early game-changing connectivity capabilities we find commonplace today. These include his ground-breaking design and deployment of world’s first systems for the Internet of Things (IoT), GPS tracking, wireless messaging, Internet email, connected cars, and drone-based sensor deployment.

Later, he went on to lead numerous cyber, national, and homeland security-related C5ISR initiatives for the Pentagon, and its civilian, industry, laboratory, and academic partners. These organizations include MIT, NRL, NASA, JHU/APL, CIA, NGA, FBI, DEA, DHS, NIST, NOAA, plus the Departments of State, Transportation, Justice, and Treasury. For these, he often headed or taught teams for major integrators, such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, and Lockheed Martin.

His early cyber work pre-dates even the moniker “cyber.” These include trail-blazing contributions to the Star Wars missile defense to ensure network security, information assurance, jamming protection, and anti-spoofing for the satellite sensors and their missile interceptors. Additional cyber-space engagements involved architecting and securing the Hubble Space Telescope, Trident missiles, Patriot batteries, Iron Dome, and an array of additional space-based platforms for NASA, NOAA, Intelsat, Inmarsat, and the Pentagon.

Integrating his operational, technical, and strategy expertise allows Robert to fuse his unique 360-degree problem-solving perspective and then transform actionable insight into execution success. As an international thought leader on the innovation, cyber security, smart cities, and autonomous systems ecosystems throughout the US, Israel, and the world, Robert has been a sought after strategist, speaker, and SME on five continents. He advises both established multinationals and emerging start-ups alike. Robert serves on various committees for AFCEA, NIST, plus other related standard bodies, and enjoys galvanizing all parties for critical infrastructure protection, and the corresponding emergency response. In addition to authoring numerous research papers and articles, he served as a technical advisor to NBC Nightly News.

His valuable start-up mentorship, guidance, and insight often leverages his own serial successes in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. These included the launch of completely new businesses for emerging companies and completely new lines of businesses for established companies throughout Europe and Asia. Recently he has been most active in helping US and Israeli start-ups grow into what Robert has dubbed “scale-ups,” by accelerating cyber and IoT innovation into global commercialization.

After securing undergraduate degrees in Physics, Mathematic, and Computer Science degrees, he continued with graduate studies in Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. There he merged artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks into robotics and automated systems by helping to create what become the galaxy’s first autonomous vehicle, the Mars Rover.

After hours, Robert continues protecting his community as a volunteer firefighter-paramedic first responder and instructor, as a dive and swiftwater rescuer, and as an emergency medicine adjunct professor.

His forthcoming Innovation Nation™ book series invokes neuro-science essentials to infuse his unique SOLUTIONEERing™ suite methodologies and to spur People-Powered-Innovation™. For nearly 30 years, Robert’s international non-profit think tank, the Innovation Intelligence Institute, remains at the forefront of forging his own brand of hyper-collaborative consortiums: P7s - public-private-pupil-platform-passion-people partnerships.

Whether in his business suit by day, or his jumpsuit by night, Robert remains unwaveringly dedicated to deploying his innovation frameworks and insight to increase the safety and security of the local, national, and international communities that he proudly serves.

Tonya M. Saunders – Washington Premier Group, LLC. For more than 20+ years, Washington Premier Group (WPG), representing many diverse client interests in Medicare, healthcare, small business, transportation, energy, women’s issues and financial services. She has achieved success on behalf of trade associations, coalitions, large and small corporate firms.

Past and present clients include, but are not limited to the following: Eastman Kodak, American College of Nurse Midwives, Puerto Rico Hospital Association, American Association of Home Services for the Aging (AAHSA), AT&T, Delta Airlines, SNCF, US Virgin Islands Engaged - Super PAC, American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and Federally Employed Women (FEW).

Ms. Saunders began her government service as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, The Honorable Ken Hechler and later served as a Legislative Assistant on Capitol Hill to Senator John D. Rockefeller, IV.  She left Capitol Hill after nearly 5 years of service and began a consulting career as a Senior Vice President at McAuliffe, Kelly & Raffaelli, (which later became The Washington Group) for 18 years.