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SBA Joint Ventures

Why SBA Joint Ventures Make Sense Now More Than Ever:

The Small Business Administration ("SBA") expansion of joint venture to all regulated small business joint venture categories provides small businesses with the opportunity to pursue prime contract and subcontracting opportunities with additional resources enhancing its eligibility for larger awards.  However, SBA regulated joint ventures involve a stronger combination of venturer companies that can add management disputes, performance and payment complications.

This program will discuss the range of approaches to marketing joint ventures to federal procuring agencies along with negotiation and contractual performance strategies with venture partners that can help increase your joint ventures competitiveness for award:

1. What are joint ventures and is our company ready for joint venture contracting opportunities?

2. During the market research phase did we successfully convince the procuring agency to consider joint ventures as a viable contract performance solution?

3. What is the lifecycle of a joint venture and can we anticipate greater profits via a joint venture relationship?

4. What are the control and compliance requirements along with any exceptions available to anti-affiliation regulations applicable to joint ventures?

5. How will the past performance of the joint venture along with the venture partners and subcontractors be assessed during past performance evaluations?

6. What risks can be anticipated by joint venture contracting and what if one of our venture partners cannot meet performance requirements?

7. Do minority venturers have any protections in the event of ceding management control of the joint venture to a majority venturer?

8. Strategies for developing relationships vetted, qualified, trusted partners across one or more small business categories that would enhance our pursuit of small business set-aside opportunities for which we would not otherwise qualify?

9. Strategies for marketing joint ventures to mentors, proteges, primes and small businesses along with the pros and cons for respective venture partners and how establishing joint venture relationships can reduce marketing expenditures while expanding the scope of contract award opportunities.

10. What are the benefits of a mentor-protégé joint venture relationships when pursuing large contracting opportunities and under what circumstances can a joint venture relationship result in our company exceeding the NAICS code assigned to the procurement?

11. How recent developments increase joint venture award opportunities along with certain new compliance requirements including, but not limited to:

  • COVID-19 (Corona Virus)            
  • Small Business Runway Extension Act
  • CMMC Compliance                      
  • HUBZone Program Expansion
  • "Best In Class" ("BIC") Spending 
  • GSA Schedule Consolidation

This program will help executives, corporate counsel and compliance officers of U.S. companies that are selling through the US (overseas) supply chain understand how best to proceed with approaches to pursuing contract opportunities with vetted, qualified joint venture teammates to enhance proposal eligibility and resource for contract award performance.

When:  Wednesday, April 20, 2021 - 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Where: Virtually (Come as you are)

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