VADM Lou Crenshaw USN (Ret.)                   Kevin P. Young                                   Kenneth Brody

              Lisa Wood                                               Anna Urman

 This Virtual, On Line, Live and Interactive Event  will Address Current Issues, Business Forecasts and Expert Advice on How to Position Your Organization for Business Going Forward

Topics will include:

Impact of the Administration Transition:

COVID-19: Assemble a coronavirus task force during his presidential transition … Push for immediate coronavirus legislation … Release a vaccine distribution plan … Listen to science by rejoining WHO and keeping Dr. Anthony Fauci as a close adviser

Criminal Justice: Increase police reform … Enact comprehensive criminal justice reform

Economy: Reverse Trump's corporate tax cut … Make major investments in the U.S. economy to boost domestic growth

Education: Make first moves in a large education agenda

Environment: Make U.S. an international leader on climate change … Start on a $2 trillion climate plan

Foreign Policy: Repair alliances and plan a global Summit for Democracy

Health Care: Build on Affordable Care Act (ACA), if it isn't too late

Immigration: Stop family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border … End Trump's executive order banning travelers from some Muslim-majority countries … Reverse a slew of Trump policies, including southern border wall

Racial Equity: Extend the Voting Rights Act

Budget Analysis

IT Market Forecast

Biden Administrative Policies

Management and Contracting Environment

Contractor Strategies and Potential

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When: March 16, 2021 - 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Where: On Line

Fees: Early Bird:  Fees: $35.00 First Attendee 
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Super Session - Impact of the Administration Transition:

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March 16, 2021


VADM Lou Crenshaw (Ret.), Kevin P Young, Kenneth Brody and More..