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Anjali Kottha

Anjali Kottha​ will explain ISO 17065 and what it means to you as a Government Contractor.

We are ISO 17065 certified. This ensures the competence of an accreditation body in providing certification for the quality of your products, processes, and services.

Why Certify?
Certification of your capabilities builds confidence in the quality of the product and its compliance with all regulatory standards.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved record keeping skills
  • Provides a completive edge over the competition
  • Insures client confidence
  •  ​​​Certifications Count - Take Polaris for Example

Products, Processes, and Services that we are authorized to certify:
Accounting/Financial Systems:
Earned Value Management System (EVMS) * Approved Cost Estimating System * DCAA Approved Accounting System * DCMA Approved Purchasing System * Contract Financial Performance Improvement Program (IPMDAR)

Risk Management System
ISO 31000: 2018 Risk Management Guidelines covering following processes;
IT Service Delivery *  Information Security Services * E-Governance (LA-Tech Transfer Services Delivery) * E-Contracts Services Delivery (LA-Tech Transfer Services Delivery) *  Food-Tech Transfer *  Energy-Tech Transfer * Med-Tech Transfer 8- HR-Tech Transfer * ET-1: Advanced and Quantum Computing * ET-2: Artificial Intelligence * ET-3: Automation Technology * ET-4: Distributed Ledger Technology * ET-5: Edge Computing * ET-6: Immersive Technology *  Composite Process Group

Service Organization Controls
(SOC) Programs:  SOC 1 * SOC 2 * SOC for Cybersecurity * SOC for Supply Chain Hybrid SOC with ISO 27000 and ISO 27701 Hybrid SOC with IPMDAR

Other Services include
 Document Planning * Project Planning * Project Management Office * Qualitative Measurements * Process Improvement * 
Professional Services

​​Certifications Count - Take Polaris for Example
Certifications Count
These certifications (and more) will be showing up in upcoming contracts. Be ready…
The Polaris GWAC is an efficient way for the Government to access highly qualified small businesses.
"The following Systems, Certifications, and Clearances are not minimum or mandatory requirements. However, offerors who demonstrate having these Systems, Certifications, and Clearances within their proposal will be considered more favorably." 

(See Section M.6., Scoring Table):

* L.5.4.1 Cost Accounting System (750) Points and Audit Information (3000) Points
* Approved Purchasing System (1000) Points
* L.5.4.3 Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Certification (500) Points for level 2 and (750) Points for level 3
* L.5.4.4 ISO 9001-1:2015 (750) Points
* L.5.4.5 ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 (750) Points
* L.5.4.6 ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (750) Points
* M.5.4 Volume 5 – Risk Assessment M.5.4.1 Organizational Risk Assessment (5000) Points

These certifications (and more) will be showing up in upcoming contracts. Be ready…

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