All Things of Interest to the Government Contracting Community


1. When making an application to participate, EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE  agrees to comply with the conditions of this contract governing the conduct and participation in this event. 

2. EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE agrees not to assign or sublet any portion of the space, nor permit individuals other than employees and or representatives to use the facilities provided without prior notification to GovConectx. 

3. Neither GovConectx, nor the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT assumes responsibility or liability for any theft, damage or loss, by any cause, of property of the EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE, their agents or employees. 

4. EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE agrees to hold GovConectx harmless, and to reimburse the same for any judgments, settlements, cost, or other expenses, including legal fees, to which it may be subject, for any injury, damage, loss or harm resulting from, or occurring to anyone, including but not limited to visitors, which may result directly or indirectly from, or in connection with, such exhibit space, by EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE, their employees or representatives. 

5. GovConectx will not be liable for fulfillment of this contract due to any of the following causes: by reason of the building being destroyed by fire, acts of Nature, strikes, the authority of the law, Federal Government liberal leave policy, or for any other cause beyond GovConectx control. 

6. Demonstration and interviews: All activities within the exhibit space must be conducted in such a way as to not infringe upon the rights of other exhibitors or offend visitors, to be determined by GovConectx. Interviews must be confined to the exhibitor's area only. 

7. Pre-show advertisement and promotion is at the discretion of GovConectx. 

8. GovConectx does not approve, endorse, or recommend the use of any specific commercial product or service. The exhibit may not, therefore, imply, whether verbally or in printed literature, that their products or services are approved, endorsed, or recommended by GovConectx, solely by virtue of its contract to exhibit/attend. 

9. EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE agrees to comply with local fire and safety regulations and furnish any permits required by local authorities. 

10. EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE agrees to set up their own display if applicable by 9:00 a.m. and to remove it from the building by 4:00 p.m. on the exhibit date, unless otherwise specified by GovConectx. 

11. GovConectx reserves the right to reschedule event dates for any reason. 

12. Distribution of souvenirs and samples of products are permitted, provided there is no interference with other exhibits. 

13. GovConectx reserves the right to reject, in whole or in part, and at any time, any exhibit or individual which, in its opinion, is objectionable to other exhibitors, participants or others. 

14. All exhibit fees are due and payable in advance. Reservations are taken on a first-served basis according to receipt of payment. Reservations are not transferable or refundable. In the event of cancellation, by GovConectx or EXHIBITOR/ATTENDEE, another event of equal monetary value will be substituted, or GovConectx credit thereof. 

Thank You.

Vaune M. Marino