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It's Almost Time for SEWP...
The current planned release date for the Final Request for Proposal (RFP) is on or about February 2024,with proposals being due approximately 60 calendar days later.
The anticipated contract award date is October 2024, with a May 1, 2025, contract effective date.

 SEWP VI Differs From SEWP V...
SEWP VI will feature expanded Categories that include IT Services beyond those traditionally bundled with IT parts/supplies. 

It’s no secret that NASA SEWP endorses ISO 20243 (O-TTPS Certification)
1. Here is what they say about it on their website:
"ISO 20243, also known as the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard Certification (O-TTPS), is a standard created by The Open Group.
ISO 20243 provides you with peace of mind about the products you acquire for your Agency."

2. You can even search the SEWP Website for those contract holders having ISO 20243 certification:

SEWP contract holders having ISO 20243 certification

*To see the most up-to-date contract holder certifications, visit the 

 O-TTPS Certification Register

3. Now NASA is stating it's significance in the SEWP VI Draft RFP (Section A.1.30 Supply Chain Risk):
"The contractor should be aware and following the latest standards and guidelines of the following key practices:
Open Trusted Technology Provider TM Standard (O-TTPS) — Mitigating Maliciously Tainted and Counterfeit Products Part 1 : 
Requirements and Recommendations, Version l . 1.1 (technically equivalent to ISO/IEC 20243 :2018)."

More from NASA SEWP Website:
   By choosing contract holders with this certification, you can lessen the risk of purchasing products that have, in some way, been contaminated during the supply chain lifecycle.
Overall, this standard and certification provides you with the assurance of:

  • A more reliable product
  • Transparency of product information
  • Increased protection from counterfeit products

SEWP OTTPS-NIST Supply Chain White Paper - Learn more about how SEWP used ISO 20243 and various NIST Standards and Guidelines to define the supply chain process and answer the question of whether commercial standards for supply chain risk management (SCRM) could be used by federal buyers to account for part of what is required in existing NIST documentation. This white paper provides insight into those requirements.
 SEWP OTTPS-NIST Supply Chain White Paper Overview, Published 2021 (33:40)

[PLAY]  SEWP OTTPS-NIST Supply Chain White Paper Overview, Published 2021 (33:40)

[PLAY] Learn how choosing SEWP Contract Holders with O-TTPS Certification can help protect your ICT procurement.

*To see the most up-to-date contract holder certifications, visit the

O-TTPS Certification Register

All Categories: The Offeror must provide third party compliance verification with the ISO 9001 standard via a cunent ISO 9001 :2008 or 9001 :2015 Certification. Verification requirements include a copy of the Offeror's official ISO 9001 :2008 or 9001 :2015 Certification of ity/Confonnance. The Offeror shall provide POC information that includes the name of the Certification body and name, address, phone number, and email of the representative who provided the ISO 9001 Certification.

 ISO 9000, CMMI and NASA SEWP ISO 20243 (O-TTPS)
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